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With Rehab, tomorrow brings new experiences.

Rehab was founded in 1948 by people recovering from tuberculosis who set up their own workshop in Dublin to provide employment. Today the organisation has grown significantly and we now work with children and adults, across a range of disabilities, in local communities throughout Ireland and the UK, with additional facilities in the Netherlands and Poland. We do this by providing a broad range of services tailored to suit the person's individual needs, supporting them to live as independently as possible and helping people to reach their full potential.

This can take the form of respite care for young people with autism, providing a break for a family caring full-time for a person at home, teaching someone independent living skills to enable them to live on their own, or providing supported accommodation to those who can live more independently. ‘Making my own choices, building my own skills’, these are at the heart of what Rehab does for people with disabilities. Working together we try to make tomorrow better than today.

Each year, Rehab touches the lives of over 8,000 people living in Ireland with many availing of Rehab services for a number of years. Our services are all about making a positive change to the people we support and their families. For many, the services Rehab provides are crucial to the well-being of the entire family.

In Ireland, Rehab is divided into four parts:

1. RehabCare
2. National Learning Network
3. Rehab Enterprises


RehabCare provides a wide variety of programmes for people of all ages and from all walks of life. Those who use our services include people with disabilities and their families, older people, children, and others who have been marginalised. Each year over 3,000 people avail of RehabCare's services in Ireland. Our core services which aim to enhance the quality of people’s lives, by providing support in fulfilling personal goals, in accessing new opportunities and in enabling people to take a more active role in their communities. People using our services are provided with care and support and new skills that enable them to get more from life.

National Learning Network

National Learning Network has been one of Ireland’s leading providers of rehabilitative and vocational training opportunities for over 60 years. Its services are focused on assisting people with a disability to acquire the skills that they need to achieve their full potential and build lasting careers in jobs that reflect their interests and abilities.

This is achieved through a brand of training, education, employment access and enterprise development that is respected and often replicated across Europe. Within Ireland these services have already enabled tens of thousands of people - many of whom had never previously been employed - to launch careers in areas as diverse as computers and catering.

Rehab Enterprises

Rehab Enterprises is Ireland's largest single non-government employer of people with disabilities. Over 400 people are employed by Rehab Enterprises, more than half of whom have a disability. Rehab Enterprises’ businesses operate in highly competitive markets in activities ranging from recycling to logistics management. The company provides a supported environment for people with disabilities within the workplace, including adapted working environments and procedures, facilitative supervision and management and services to ease the transition into employment for those who have been out of work for considerable periods.